📝 How long is typically expected for delivery?

You can expect your content ready for use in less than 3 days (around 5,000 characters)!

📝 Will the price depend upon the estimated delivery date?

We guarantee that our prices do not vary depending upon the estimated delivery date!

📝 What is the price per character?

The basic charge starts from $0.12 / word

📝 Is it possible to include an NDA document?

It is possible to include before the quote.

📝 What sets Honyaku World a part from other translation companies?

Translation professionals work.

📝 Can you translate Chinese?

Translation into Chinese is also possible.

📝 Do you accept high-volume requests?

It is possible.

📝 Is it possible to request a correction?

Post-delivery modifications are free.

📝 Compatible file formats

The file formats supported by Translate World are as follows.