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Support for administrative documents with corporate translation

We also support specialized content.

  • Translation of application development specifications
  • Translation of text for application development
  • Translation of manuals for software and PC-related equipment
  • Translation of specifications and operation manuals for mobile phones and home appliances
  • Translation of instruction manuals, maintenance manuals and instruction manuals for industrial machines, construction machines, textile machines, machine tools
  • Translation of administrative documents
  • Translation of various public relations materials
  • Translation of documents related to international technical cooperation projects
  • Translation of technical training materials
  • Translation of survey materials, reports, etc.
  • Translation of technical license agreement
  • Translation of agency contract
  • Translation of employment contract
  • Translation of sales contract
  • Translation of non-disclosure agreement
  • Translation of non-disclosure agreement
  • Translation of personal information protection policy
  • Power of attorney translation
  • Preparation of English version of certified copy of register
  • Guarantee translation
  • Translation of legal documents such as court materials
  • Translation of financial statements (annual report)
  • Translation of terms of use and articles of incorporation
  • Translation of technical papers
  • Translation of technical materials and research reports
  • Web site translation
  • Translation of blog articles
  • Translation of web contents including transcriptions
  • Translation of Terms of Use
  • Translation of privacy policy

Translation system

We will use our double check system to ensure quality.


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