Supported languages ​​and charges

English → Japanese

0.12  USD / 1 word

Translation content and fee reference

Website Localization

English → Japanese

Website translation (up to 10,000 characters) 1000 USD
Website translation (over 10,000 characters) 1800 USD
Website localization 0.12 USD / 1 word

Translation of certificates and qualification documents

English → Japanese

Graduation certificate/degree certificate translation 80 USD
Translation of transcripts 80 USD
Translation of recommendation text 50 USD
Translation of various licenses and certificates 80 USD

Translation of other various documents and general documents

English → Japanese

Translation of various contracts 0.12 USD / 1 word
Translation of general documents 0.12 USD / 1 word
Translation of product manuals and instruction manuals 0.12 USD / 1 word
Current translations for presentations, etc. 0.12 USD / 1 word

Japanese document editing service

Japanese document editing 50 USD

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