Terms of use for translation services

Terms of use for translation WORLD service

For details of the translated WORLD service (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) provided by METIS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) and how to apply for it, refer to this translated WORLD service usage agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this used “Conditions”). Those who do not agree with all or part of the contents of this Terms of Use will be refused the use of this service, so please be sure to check the contents of these Terms of Use.

Article 1 (Purpose of the Terms of Use)
The purpose of this Terms of Use is to determine the content of the Service and the application method.

Article 2 (Contents of this service)
1. We provide translation services and support to our customers.
2. In the Terms of Use, translated data is the data that describes the contents of the manuscript translated based on this service. The Company shall deliver the translation data to the customer or a person designated by the customer by a method separately specified by the Company.
3. In the Terms of Use, translators are external translators that we contract to provide this service.
4. The Company will provide a service (hereinafter referred to as “support”) that responds to inquiries from customers regarding this service, as specified separately by the Company.
5. We refer to a service in which we outsource the translation of a manuscript requested by a customer to a translator, and hand over the translation data by the translator to the customer.

Article 3 (Starting to use the translation WORLD service)
Customers can use the translation WORLD service when all the requirements listed below are met.
1. Customers must apply for our speed translation service.
2. The customer shall indicate to us that the translation work is outsourced.
3. We will show our customers the intention of consent.

Article 4 (Translation WORLD Service Usage Charge)
1. The usage fee for this service shall be the amount calculated according to the criteria separately set by the Company.
2. We set the standard for calculating the usage fee in the preceding paragraph in advance and notify the customer in an appropriate way.

Article 5 (Customer obligations)
1. When the customer receives the translation data, the customer will inspect the translation data within 3 business days and notify us of the inspection result.
2. If the customer fails the inspection, the customer shall immediately notify us of the reason for the failure.
3. If there is no notification from the customer within the period specified in paragraph 1, it is considered that the inspection has passed on the expiration date of the period.
4. When the Company receives the notification of failure as specified in Paragraph 2, we shall deliver the corrected translation data to the customer within 7 business days after receiving the notification.

Article 6 (Disputes between Customers and Third Parties) You
are responsible for all disputes that arise with third parties when using this service or translated data. We must solve it in good faith.

Article 7 (Prohibition of illegal acts, etc.)
1. Customers shall not use the Service or translated data to perform any acts prohibited by law or in violation of public order and morals, or to let any third party do this.
2. If a customer learns that a third party has illegally used this service or translated data to perform an act prohibited by law or an act that violates public order and morals, the customer shall promptly notify the Company to that effect. please.
3. We do not take any responsibility even if the contents translated according to the customer’s request are illegal or harm to good sex and other public order and morals.

Article 8 (Prohibition of Disposition of Contractual Status)
1. The customer cannot transfer the status, rights or obligations of the customer based on the Terms of Use to a third party and sublease or provide collateral.
2. Except as otherwise specified by the Company, the customer may not allow a third party to use the service provided by the Company to the customer for a fee or free of charge based on these Terms of Use.

Article 9 (Disclaimer)
1. We are liable to us for natural disasters, epidemics, computer viruses, security deficiencies, sabotage by malicious third parties, or breakdowns in the facilities of telecommunications carriers used by us or translators when providing this service. Even if the customer cannot use the service due to reasons other than the above, we will not be liable for any damage caused to the customer.
2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer or a third party due to any of the following items, regardless of the existence or the extent of our negligence.
(1) There was an error in the translated content.
(2) The translation was not completed by the delivery date.
(3) The translation data modified by the time specified in Article 5, paragraph 4 could not be sent.

Article 10 (Negation of collateral liability) In
addition to the matters listed in the following items, the provisions of the law that stipulates that we have some liability for matters related to this service, between us and the customer, Not applicable.
1. This service has a certain quality.
2. The contents of this service meet a specific purpose of use.
3. Use of this service does not infringe the rights of third parties.

Article 11 (Charge)
1. The customer shall pay us the usage fee for this service.
2. The customer shall bear the taxes and other charges incurred when using this service and paying the usage fee.
3. The customer shall pay the fee to our bank deposit account or to your paypal account.
4. The customer shall pay the usage fee for this service for the current month to us immediately after the delivery is completed.
5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the payment deadline may be changed if there is a special request from the customer and our company approves. In this case, the payment deadline shall be stated on the invoice sent by the Company to the customer.

Article 12 (Cancellation by Customer)
1. The customer can compensate for damages and cancel the service at any time while the translation is not completed by us.
2. When exercising the right of cancellation set forth in the preceding paragraph, you must notify us of the cancellation in accordance with the method established by us. If you do not follow the method set by our company, the effect of cancellation will not occur.
3. Even if the customer cancels the provisions set forth in this Article, the customer will not be able to receive the redemption of the usage charge already paid to us and cannot be exempt from the payment of the usage charge.

Article 13 (Cancellation by the
Company ) The Company shall be able to immediately cancel the Service without notification when the customer has any of the reasons listed in the following items.
(1) Violation of the obligation specified in these Terms of Use.
(2) When a petition for bankruptcy proceedings or other bankruptcy proceedings is filed.
(3) When false facts are reported to us.
(4) In addition to the cases stipulated in the preceding items, when there is a serious hindrance to our business operations, or when there is a possibility that a serious hindrance may occur.

Article 14 (Exclusion of antisocial forces)
1. The Company and the customer shall provide the other party with the person listed in each of the following items by themselves or their officers/employees on the day when the customer agrees to the Terms of Use and in the future (in the Terms of Use, “.” is not stated and guaranteed.
(1) A gangster, a member of a gangster (including quasi-members), or a person who has not passed five years from the day when he or she became a member of a gangster.
(2) Boryokudan related companies.
(3) General meeting shop, social movement advocate goro, political activity advocate goro, special intelligence violence group or members of these groups.
(4) Same as the previous items.
2. The Company and the customer represent and warrant to the other party that they will not perform any of the following acts or acts that may be applicable, or that they will not let a third party do it. ..
(1) Violent demand.
(2) Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility.
(3) Actions that use threatening behavior or violence regarding transactions.
(4) Disturbance of credibility or obstruction of business by dissemination of rumor, falsehood or power (5) Actions similar to the preceding items.
3. If the other party violates the representations and warranties stipulated in the preceding 2 paragraphs, the Company and the customer can immediately cancel this service in the future.
4. When the Company or the customer releases the cancellation specified in this Article, this service will end on the day when the notification of the cancellation reaches the other party.
5. The Company and the customer shall not lose the right to claim damages against the other party even if the cancellation provided for in this Article is performed. In addition, the canceled party cannot claim damages against the canceled party.

Article 15 (Governing Law)
The governing law of these Terms of Use shall be the laws of Japan.

Article 16 (Jurisdiction) With
regard to actions regarding these Terms of Use, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance. Legal jurisdictions arising out of other courts preclude them with the agreement in this section.

Article 17 (Efforts for Resolution of Disputes)
When a dispute arises regarding this service, each party shall make sincere efforts for resolution based on the spirit of mutual cooperation.

Article 18 (Revision of the Terms of Use) The
Company may revise the contents of the Terms of Use by setting the date of implementation. In that case, the content of this service shall be changed in accordance with the revised content from the date of implementation of the revised Terms of Use.

August 2020