Privacy Policy

1.Protection of personal information From the viewpoint of personal information protection, this site uses corporate compliance as its basic rule, and
will thoroughly manage the safety of personal information that should be handled properly.
We will endeavor to properly protect and manage personal information.

2. Collection of personal information Personal information
handled on this site will not be diverted for various purposes.
We will identify the purpose of use, handle only within the necessary range and manage it appropriately.
If you do not wish to provide personal information to this site, you can refuse to provide it at your own discretion.

3. Prohibition of unauthorized use of information
This site does not use the information it handles for purposes other than legitimate business.

4. Protection from fraudulent activities When
this site indirectly manages and manages information to a third party, we conclude a confidentiality agreement and conclude a
business consignment agreement to establish a system that prevents personal information leakage.
By seeking supervision, we will protect against unauthorized access and falsification, destruction, leakage, etc. due to internal crimes, and we will implement appropriate information protection management within this site management.

5. Compliance with laws and other norms
This site complies with laws and other norms applicable to the handling of information.

6. Use or provision/disclosure of
personal information The personal information entrusted by the customer will not be diverted or provided/disclosed to a third party.
However, the following cases are excluded.
1. When the customer’s prior consent and consent has been obtained
2. Outsourcing to a business contractor who has signed a confidentiality agreement regarding personal information within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use specified to the customer Case
3: When there is a request for disclosure by other judicial authorities